Why you should take care of your pet’s dental hygiene at a good veterinary clinic in Kyle Texas

It is usually said, healthy teeth make a healthy pet. But, as a pet owner, it isn’t the easiest to cope with all the responsibilities of a pet. Dog shots, cat vaccination, pet neutering, and now you must also consider pet dental cleaning? Well, it is definitely a lot to manage but you can ask a veterinarian Kyle Tx to support our claim that dental hygiene is mandatory among pets. 

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Here a few reasons why: 

Fresh breath  

Which pet parent doesn’t like to cuddle up with their pet? Of course, there is no pet owner in the world who wouldn’t cozy up with their pet and get their face covered in drool. How bad would it be if, during this cute moment, you smelled the stink of your pet’s mouth and lost all affection all of a sudden? Well, regular pet dental cleaning keeps this from happening by giving your pet a fresh breath at all times. 

Prevents periodontal disease 

Statistically, 4 out of every 5 dogs develop a dental disease by the age of 3. It all starts with a cavity that extends to a plaque and eventually, bacteria causes tooth decay. Periodontal diseases are extremely painful and not at all cheap. Prevent such a huge expense by regularly brushing your pet’s teeth. Brushing the teeth rids the teeth of any dirt or bacteria that could lead to cavities or plaque. 

Doesn’t contribute to other diseases 

Did you know, dental diseases are a major factor that causes risky health diseases? What happens is that the bacteria from the mouth is continuously being swollen. With every meal, the pet exposes the internal organs to harmful bacteria. This makes it much easier for diseases to attack the pet than if the teeth were clean. Oral exposure to bacteria is the most harmful. Kidney diseases are the most common issue to rise in pets after being diagnosed with dental disease. Save your pet from all the pain and yourself from all the expenses by taking care of dental hygiene from day one! 

Minimizes professional cleaning’s expense 

If you take care of your pet’s teeth at home, you won’t have to visit a Kyle vet very often. Pets usually require professional cleaning every now and then to remove plaque and tartar. However, if the teeth were brushed every single day, there is a lower chance of tartar or plaque buildup. Hence, the trip to the animal care center can be saved and you can end up saving a lot of money.  

To prevent pet surgery, it is best that you look after your pet’s dental hygiene from the start. Visit any Kyle animal hospital near you to get an opinion on the state of your pet’s dental condition. If things are getting worse, you can start vigorous pet dental cleaning sessions too.  

Our veterinary clinic will help you conduct pet wellness exams to give you peace of mind regarding your pet’s health. So, stop wasting time and seek professional help right now!

Mandatory dog shots From Vets

Certain dog vaccinations are called core, while the others are called non-core. Similarly, some dog shots are recommended, but others are required by the law. This article will clarify which dog vaccinations fall under which category. 

Core vs. non-core  

Core vaccinations are those that are necessary. They must be given to every dog for health and safety purposes. These vaccines keep the dog from falling sick and also prevent transmission of the viruses to humans. Most core vaccinations are given to dogs while they are puppies. This way, their immune system is made strong from day one. 

Non-core vaccines are the opposite of core vaccines. They are not mandatory but are recommended. However, these vaccines are not for every dog. For example, a vaccine shot that is designed to fight a disease that attacks dogs who live with other dogs won’t be necessary for a pet dog who lives alone. To clarify these details, you should consult an animal hospital. 

Now, core vaccines are usually made mandatory by the law. They are compulsory and not getting these shots can lead to lawful repercussions. However, this varies from place to place. In some states, only rabies is lawfully mandatory. However, there are many areas where other vaccinations are also compulsory. It is best if you do your research before believing anyone else. Similarly, non-core vaccines can be called recommended vaccines too. These are not necessary for all dogs but certain pets must get them done. 

List of core vaccines 

These vaccine shots are obligatory. Get them done while your pet is still a puppy. 

  • Rabies 
  • Parvovirus 
  • Distemper 
  • Adenovirus  

List of non-core vaccines 

These are the non-core vaccinations that you can get done even if your dog is an adult. 

  • Lyme disease 
  • Bordetella 
  • Canine influenza 
  • Adenovirus intranasal  
  • Parainfluenza 
  • Leptospirosis 4-way 

Do not be overprotective and get all core as well as non-core dog shots. Only stick to the mandatory ones and ask a professional vet for an opinion regarding the rest of the vaccines. Over-vaccinating can be dangerous for your dog since most of these shots are quite heavy.  

How long do vaccines last 

Your dog is only secure for as long as the vaccine is in effect. When the effect wears off, you will have to get the dog shot again. Most vaccinations are strong enough to last for around 15 years. Core vaccines are usually strong and only need to be done once in the dog’s lifetime. Usually, if the dog is getting the vaccine after 16 weeks of age, there is no need for repetition of the shot in the rest of his life.  

Our veterinary clinic can guide you best regarding the dog shots that are recommended versus those that are lawfully mandatory. To get professional help in this matter since it is a matter of your dog’s health, contact Dr. Stephanie Murphree at Republic Veterinary Hospital at (512) 269-0738 

Do not ignore the importance of dog shots. Make sure your dog is fully taken care of to prevent any health risks. This will save you money on treatments and your dog will live a much better, healthier life! 

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